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FPS games under 200mb PC

Top 5 FPS games under 200mb Pc

#1 Need for Speed: High Stakes

FPS games under 200mb pc : need for speed high stakes
Need for speed : high stakes

A game that will just take up a measly 200 MB on your PC and can run entirely well on an i3 processor and 4 GB RAM.

Need for Speed: High Stakes is one game you should play.

The designs will excellent as you will encounter the smoothest dashing involvement with a game. All things considered, this is a game that is entirely fair for its size.( one of the best FPS games under 200mb PC that u should try at least once)

#2 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon : FPS games under 200mb PC
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

Earlier the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon arrangement of activity stuffed computer games sent fans into a furor around the world, the first Ghost Recon was a PC game that wowed numerous players.

The best thing about Ghost Recon is that you would now be able to take up the battle against Russia’s global control in less than 200 MB.

#3 Zoo Constructor

Zoo Constructor : FPS games under 200mb PC
Zoo Constructor

If you have ever played the Sims and delighted in building homes, enriching scenes and overseeing individuals, you will cherish Zoo Constructor.
It’s a ton like the Sims however it manages creatures rather than people. This unimaginably fun PC game permits you to assemble your own zoo and has truly nice apparatuses to control the creatures, develop the structures and deal with the economy.

#4 Age of Empires 2

Age of Empires 2
Age of Empires 2

Truly, the amazing Age of Empires takes under 200 MB on your PC however make certain to get the first form of the game and not the remastered version.

Time of Empires is an incredible procedure game that permits you to reproduce crusades from mankind’s set of experiences and manufacture your domain without any preparation, while likewise engaging foes from all sides.

A game that will keep you occupied for quite a long time, Age of Empires 2 is an unquestionable requirement go after each gamer

#5 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

After the Harry Potter motion pictures came out, these computer game variations were all the fever.
In case you’re searching for an extraordinary PC game that takes up under 200 MB in space, at that point you can attempt this Harry Potter computer game portion.

The game follows the account of Harry’s second year in Hogwarts, yet this time, it’ll be you playing Quidditch, making Polyjuice Potion and doing combating Voldemort to spare the wizarding scene.

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