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FAUG India Launch: Pre-registrations Start on the Google Play store

Faug game is up for pre-registration started today


As India proceeds with its prohibition on Chinese applications and games, India-caused choices to have begun to get more consideration. Among these has been the celebrated FAU-G. Bollywood entertainer Akshay Kumar had reported Fearless and United Guides, a.k.a. FAU-G, back in September. Since the time at that point, there have been conversations about the game, and expectation of its delivery. Hell, even phony applications with the game’s name began showing up on the Google Play Store as of late.

nCore, a Bangalore-based game engineer is behind FAUG. Following two or three months after the declaration, FAUG pre-enrollments have now begun in India, on the Google Play Store, with a sneak look into the illustrations.

FAUG India Pre-Registrations Begin on Google Play Store

Faug vs pubg

FAU-G intends to respect the Indian Army, and that has driven a ton of publicity around the game. The principal see illustrations shows us cel-concealed activitys, and if the game uses these in genuine interactivity and not simply the cutscenes, it will be a new encounter for an Indian title.

Here’s the official outline of the game:

“High up on the tops at India’s northern outskirt, a tip top battling bunch secures the country’s pride and sway. It’s an overwhelming errand, for the most brave: The Fearless and United Guards.

Join a unique unit of FAU-G commandos on the lookout in risky outskirt domain. Encounter India’s foes as you draw in with threatening intruders on Indian soil. Battle for endurance against the unforgiving territory and the inflexible adversary. Fill the shoes of an enthusiastic trooper and experience the grit, fraternity, and penance of the men guarding the nation’s fringes.

FAU-G is a gladly made in India venture from nCore Games that honors the saints of our country’s military. In light of true situations, FAU-G rejuvenates the rush and adrenaline of a day to day existence spent guarding India’s outskirts.”

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